9 System Settings

1 Form management

Create new digital form

There are 2 different designer

Simple version: by drag and drop, one column, two columns, three columns, etc.

Advance version: excel look like form designer, flexible to design the form look like the original form and layout could more more complex as well

All the field components are the same, only the layout editor and designer is different

1.1 Template editor

To generate a PO, employment letter, after staff make an online request, department need to fill in the data into word/excel offline document template. So online template editor is to support merge the online form data into a format document, with predefine the rule, each field data could assign to the editor, and value will be show after user’s input

Drag a layout component [Framk] into the main window, and define the right layout is 30%

Drag the template editor in to the frame subject place, you could edit the document in this editor directly, and then drag text, number or other field template into right side, change the name according.

When click the field on the right, a small arrow will show like below, click the arrow, the field will generate a tag in the field

Preview the template editor, and input some data, get below result

2. Type setting

Classify all the workflow into different categories, each type is a new category, and easy for end user to search the correct workflow in correct type

To define a new type, key in below information

Type name: HR department/Finance Department/Legal department

Description: easy to read, better for future staff to understand why create this type

Icon: with an icon, the category show more user interactive

Display order: display sort order

When end user initial new request, a below image will show, Check different workflow under different type

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