View / Create / Edit / Remove Teams.

Viewing Teams

The organization structure is a tree data structure. Clicking on any organization will open up a sub-panel on the right side which displays the members and the sub-departments that belong to the selected team / organization.

The system supports viewing organization structure(s) or teams in different dimensions. This feature allows the organization to be displayed and organized in different structures according to different functional perspective. By default, the dimension "Administrative Organization" is the default dimension and cannot be modified. The other custom dimensions can be maintained separately in the menu "Organization Dimensions".

To enable and create organizational dimensions, refer to the image below.

Divisions / Departments within an Organization / Team

On the organizational tree, click on a division or a department to view and edit its details.

Divisions and Departments have different icons.

Divisions can be enabled/ disabled in settings.

Disabling Divisions / Departments

To disable a division or a department, click on the button as shown in the image below. Only divisions and departments that are empty can be disabled.

Existing employees inside the selected division or department must be moved elsewhere beforehand.

Disabled departments and divisions are not deleted, they can be revealed by clicking this button.

For organizational structure tree, the root node is the Headquarters, and there can only be one. Deletion of the root node is not allowed.

Creating Teams

New departments and divisions can be attached under the root node.

Note: Under HQ node and the division nodes, new division nodes and department nodes can be created. However, under department nodes, only department nodes can be created.

Click on the "+" symbol next to a division/ department's name to attach a children node under it or create a peer division/ department that has the same level as the selected node in the organization tree.

Editing Teams

Click on the name of the division / department on the organization tree to display its details.

Click on the "Edit" button to allow the details to be edited.

Removing Teams

To remove a division / department, click on the trash can icon next to the division / department's name.

Only divisions / departments that has no personnel listed under it can be deleted. Move the existing personnel into another division / department before deleting the selected division / department.

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