Custom System Message Category (Admin)

Backend management Cenere:

(Work Center > System Message Settings > New)


Enable: Whether this System Message Category is enabled in the IM

Icon: common picture formats supported, 64px x 64px recommended

Name: The name of the System Message Category

Execute Action: Choose between opening a native system page or a hyperlink.

Applicable Clients: The clients where this System Message Category is Enabled.

Visible Range: The group of users that has permission to access this system message category.

Display top: Whether this system message category should be displayed at the top of all other IM categories.

Subscript Calculation Logic: Whether unread or unprocessed messages should be notified.

The Corner Marker is cleared immediately after viewing: Whether the unread reminder marker should be removed when user opens this category.

Message Reminders: The priority of the unread messages for this category.

Editing Display Name/ Icon of Existing System Message Categories in IM

Click “Edit” next to the category of message type to modify.

Icon, Name of the message type, the display position, the message reminders and other settings can be modified.

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