Project Cards

After clicking on the project card to enter an individual project, when you click on the project name, the project information card pops out from the right side. Within the card, you can view and modify project information, perform actions such as closing and locking the project, and access more options.

This page provides an introduction to the project card information, the opening and closing of projects, and the actions under "More" (as shown in the image below).

Project Cards Fields

These are the fields that are available on the project cards: Project Name, Responsible Person (Person-In-Charge), Due Date, Progress, Project Description, Participants, Start Date, Sharers, Reminder, Attachments, Project Types, Project Tags, and Associated Items.

Project Cards Operations

Marking Project as Closed

Project state will be changed to "closed". Click again to open it.

Marking Project as Locked

When a project becomes locked, participants and sharers will not be able to edit it.

Adding Sub-Projects

Existing projects can be added to other projects as sub-projects. A parent project may have many sub-projects, but each sub-project can only have at most one parent project.

To Enable Synchronization settings between parent projects and sub-projects, go to the correlation settings page.

Task Operation Correlation of Project

Enabling this option will turn on the following features:

  • When opening a project, synchronously change the status of all planned tasks (including their sub-tasks) under the project to "unfinished."

  • When closing a project, synchronously change the status of all planned tasks (including their sub-tasks) under the project to "completed."

  • Deleting a project will also delete the sub-projects and all their tasks.

Parent Project and Sub-project Operation Correlation

After enabling, when you close or delete a parent project, the child projects will be closed or deleted synchronously. When you re-open or restore a project, the child projects will also be opened or restored synchronously.

Project Progress Correlation

After enabling project progress correlation, when you close a project, the project progress will be set to 100%. When you open a project, the project progress will be restored to its previous state.

Project Stage Schedule Correlation

Upon activation, the planned timeline for project stages will automatically adjust based on the timeline of tasks within each stage.

Task Progress Correlation of Project

Weights: Determine the proportion that sub-projects/ tasks contribute to the final progress of the main project.

Upon activation, the project progress is calculated based on the progress of tasks within the project. There are two methods: the first method is to evenly distribute task weights, and the second method is to distribute weights based on task duration, where each task's proportion is calculated as task duration divided by the total task duration.

Special note: If a task doesn't have a start date or due date set, it will not be included in the weight calculation.

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