Daily Reports Statistics


  1. Daily report statistics allow you to view the daily report submission status, details, and multi-dimensional statistics for your own reports, reports from subordinates, and those you are following.

  2. You can send reminder notifications to individuals who have not submitted their daily reports.

  3. You have the flexibility to set query conditions based on your specific needs, such as filtering by department, and supporting the selection of multiple departments.


To view the daily report submission status, you can click on "Daily Report Statistics" and then select "Followed Reports." This will allow you to check your team members' daily report submissions and access the daily report statistical reports.

In the top left corner, you can switch between "Year" and "Month," and in the top right corner, you can choose to view reports from specific individuals, including "Me," "Followed by Me", "My Subordinates," and by department, as shown in the figure below.

Green Tick: Submitted on Time

Yellow Tick: Late Submission

Grey ! : No Submission

You may click on the submitted work reports to view.

You may urge the user to submit missing reports by click on the greyed out icons.

To view the statistics of your own daily report, click on "My Reports".

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