1. The To-Do Center supports aggregating all items with "to-do" attributes from various system modules into the "Work To-Do" section within the to-do module. Currently, modules with to-do attributes include processes, tasks, projects, meetings, schedules, and reports.

  2. The To-Do Center also supports creating and managing a checklist for memos. It allows adding system items as to-do items and provides due date reminders.

  3. To-Do Item Management includes features like "Process Later," subscribing to modules, and marking items with red or yellow corner tags if they are left unattended for a certain period.

Function Entrance:

#1 Application Menu

#2 Portal Home page Shortcut

#3 Menu Bar Shortcut

Function Description:

Entering the "To-Do Center," the default selection is "All," which includes "Work To-Do" items pushed from various modules and manually marked "Notes."

Notes are To-Do items created manually by the user himself.


  1. The total number of to-dos under "All" includes all "Work To-Do" items as well as the total number of "Notes."

  2. The number displayed on the application badge equals the total number of to-dos mentioned above.

  3. Under "All,", "[Notes]" represents the original "Personal To-Do" information. These are characterized by being personally marked, self-terminated, and can be created directly or added manually from modules. The ones created directly are only labeled as "[Notes]," while those originating from modules will have the module name appended, like "[Notes][Documents] XXX," indicating they come from document-related notes.

  4. Under "All," items marked with other module names belong to "Work To-Do." These are essentially items within the system that possess "to-do" attributes. Their completion depends on whether the item is handled, and clicking on them opens the item details.

Work To-Do

Under the left module categories, all to-dos are categorized as "Work To-Do." In the "All" section, to-dos marked with module names are also considered "Work To-Do." These to-dos are all items within the system that have to-do attributes, including to-do processes, to-do tasks, to-do projects, to-do meetings, to-do schedules, and to-do reports.

The system supports filtering data based on item status (All, Unread, In Progress, Overdue) and participation (Involved by Me, Initiated by Me).


(1) Unread (Red Dot): All items have an unread status when pushed to the to-do center. If they are unread, they are marked as such with a red dot. Hovering the mouse over them displays "Unread." Once read, the items no longer have a red dot.

(2) Overdue (Purple Dot): Some items have an overdue status, such as processes, tasks, projects, etc. They are marked with a purple dot at the front, and hovering the mouse over them displays "Overdue." Additionally, the item's due date is displayed to indicate when it is overdue.

(3) Yellow and Red Corner Tags: Based on backend settings, items that haven't been processed for a certain number of days are marked with yellow or red corner tags. The processing time refers to the time difference between when the item was pushed to the to-do center and the current time. Hovering the mouse over the yellow and red corner tags should provide information about how many days the item has gone without being processed. This should be distinguished from the item's own overdue status and is solely based on how long it has remained unprocessed in the to-do center.

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