Overall Introduction

The eTeams document library automatically accumulates and stores knowledge documents related to work, creating a unified knowledge repository for the team. This repository serves as an internal knowledge hub for the team, similar to an internal search engine, facilitating the reuse of knowledge, encouraging knowledge sharing among all team members, promoting collaborative innovation, and forming a collaborative center for team activities based on documents such as copywriting, planning, and proposals.

Main Usage:

Automatic Knowledge Accumulation:

Automatically archive attachments and documents from other applications, such as task collaboration and feedback, into your document library. These documents will be stored in the default attachments folder within the library.

File Sharing within the Organization:

Quickly share documents with colleagues who need them, maximizing the value of each document effectively.

Organizing the Standard Documents of the Organization:

Establish a team's shared file library to quickly familiarize members with past accumulated knowledge documents.

Providing feedback on document revisions and facilitating communication:

Through feedback and communication based on documents, we can aggregate the experience and wisdom of all team members, helping you produce more polished document content.

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