Viewing Existing Personnel

To view personnel that belongs to a certain department, first select the department on the organizational structure tree, then on the details page, select the "Human Resource" tab.

The list of members that belongs to the selected department / division will be displayed.

Users can search for specific personnel using the search.

Creating New Personnel

Click on the "New Personnel" button to add new personnel to the department / division.

Editing Personnel Details

Click on the name of the selected user to open the profile page of the user. Click on the "Edit" button to start editing the personnel information.

If you would like to edit an employee's details on an admin account, go do "Admin Dashboard" and follow the steps below:

Click on their name to bring out their profile page, then click on the "Edit" button on the top right corner to begin editing.

Dismissal of Personnel

On the profile page of the personnel to be removed, mouse over "More" button and select "Separation".

The operator will have to fill in this form to proceed with the dismissal. Information of effective date of dismissal, reason of dismissal must be provided.

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