Synchronizing Schedules / Contact Reminders / Tasks to 3rd Party Calendar Applications

  1. Support subscribing to schedules, receiving reminders, and syncing tasks to third-party calendars, including both PC and mobile platforms.

  2. Only tasks with due dates within the next week or beyond can be synchronized. After subscribing, they will be automatically updated according to the sync frequency set in the software. Each software may have different sync frequency settings, and some software allows for modification of the sync frequency, while others do not. Currently, the iOS system and some Android software can set the shortest sync frequency to 15 minutes.

Steps to setup:

1) In "My Schedules" you may subscribe to the schedule, tasks, contact reminders or all of them in the drop down menu at the top right corner.

2) Click on the link to open the respective calendar application on your device. (PC)

3) For mobile users, take a screenshot of the QR code on the left, use any QR code reader to obtain the URL, then paste the URL into any web browser on your mobile device.

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