Personal Notes / To-Do

To create new personal reminder / notes in the To-Do center, click on the "New To-Do" button.

The fields "Processing Time" and “Reminder Time” are optional. You may choose to enable "Reminders" and "Remarks" section using the checkboxes at the bottom left corner.

View Options: The system supports two view modes, "List View" and "Due Date View,". The "Due Date View" and categorizes items as "Today," "This Week," "Next Week," "Later," and "No Due Date."

The memo list supports hiding "Completed" items. By checking the "Hide Completed" checkbox in the upper right corner of the list, you can hide the "Completed" items.

Processing Personal To-Do

Click on the date of the To-Do item to reveal its details.

  1. If a to-do item doesn't have a reminder or a note, you can still add them on this page.

  2. Clicking "Complete To-Do" allows you to mark the to-do as completed. Completed to-dos will be displayed in the "Completed" section within the to-do list.

  3. Clicking the "Trash Can" icon, and after a second confirmation, you can delete the to-do. For item-based to-dos, deleting the to-do only removes the to-do item's label but doesn't delete the item itself. For directly created to-dos, they are deleted entirely.

  4. Clicking the "Pencil" icon lets you edit the to-do item.

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