Permission Decentralization Management

Management decentralization is implemented to fulfill the management needs of corporate companies, allowing individual administrators of each divisionsto maintain data specific to their respective companies. They are restricted from viewing or modifying data from other divisions. The data includes personnel management, process settings, directory configurations, portals, assets, meetings, modeling, and vehicles, among others.

Management decentralization focuses solely on controlling backend maintenance-related permissions and does not involve frontend applications. Under the "Management Decentralization" menu, there are two main sections to facilitate the configuration of management decentralization settings:

  1. Global Settings: This section includes the master switch for management decentralization and the three-tier separation management.

  2. Management Decentralization Settings: This section consists of individual module-specific management decentralization switches.

Below, we will provide detailed explanations for each of these sections.

Global Settings :

This is the master switch for management decentralization settings in the system. Only when the management decentralization is enabled, the "Separation of Three Personnel Management" and "Management Decentralization Settings" below can be activated.

Once the "Management Decentralization" is enabled, users can set organizational permissions in the "Role Settings."

After enabling the overall switch for management decentralization, the Separation of Three Personnel Management can be activated. For specific details on the functionality of Separation of Three Personnel Management, please refer to the corresponding documentation.

Management Decentralization Settings

Once the "Management Decentralization" master switch is turned on, you can selectively enable the corresponding module's decentralization switch in the "Management Decentralization Settings." If the master switch is not turned on, and you directly enable the decentralization switch for a specific module below, the master switch will also be automatically activated by default.

After enabling the decentralization for a module, you can set organizational permissions within the role settings of that module. If the overall switch for management decentralization is turned on, but the decentralization switch for a specific module remains off, then the role settings for that module will not include the option to set organizational permissions.

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