Basic Operations

You can perform various actions on the document by clicking on the drop down menu.

Save as Draft : Save a copy of the current document as draft for future edits.

Archive / Invalid / Void: Change the status of the current document.

Delete: Send the file to the DMS recycle bin.

Text Version: Displays a list of historical versions of the document. You may view and restore any version to replace the current one with proper permissions.

Print: Send the print template to your operating system to print the document.

Follow: Add a link of the current file to your "Followed by Me" folder for quick access. You may set the importance of the documents as well.

Share (Arrow icon) : Share the current document to another user through IM.

Share (Circle Icon) : Grant other users the permission to view/edit the file.

Urge: The system will send a reminder to the document owner.

Set as To-Do : Create a to-do reminder for yourself with this current document attached.

Notification Settings: Select the types of notifications regarding the current document that you would like to receive.

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