4 Workflow Designer

Each workflow come with start and end node, which is mandatory. Admin could choose to add more approval or node in between of this two node, base on different condition, may flow to different approver

1 Operator

For start point, define who are able to initialise this request, for leave request, we could set All staff able to start new request

For approver, define the approver based on organisation structure relationship, or specific a approver from a department, position, a role

Could also define relevant relationship with the requestor

Then define the relevant user with initiator

Even for the superior, there may different level of superior, E10 Support upto 6 level superior

2 Timeout/overdue process

Define timeout/overdue reminder

For receipt, could configure specific person or base on node operator

3 Node field validation

Define the rule name

Set rule content, like total days > 0, and click add

To change the rule, click the content to change

Prompt setting, base on the result

If the condition failed, how system process

  1. Prohibit to submit, stop at current page

  2. Remind the negative message, but process normally

4 Operation menu setting

User-defined menu name[Submit action may need different name for different user, like review, confirm, submit for review…], enable or disable the menu for different node operator

5 Display layout

For different node, define different layout, to control different user view different data.

Support to control by field

6 Exit Configuration

Different policy require base on different condition need different approver

Eg: normally just department head to approve the leave application, and when requestor requester 20 days leave, may need VP to approve.

So add one more approver when total days >= 20 days

Configure the condition total days>=20 days, then add to condition list

Give a exit name as >=20days

7 A standard leave application approval flow designer as below

8 Assign proper permission to relevant user

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