Basic Operations for Administrators

Attendance Rule Settings

System administrators can set attendance rules in the attendance settings. By clicking on "Create New Rule" and filling in the required information, a new attendance rule can be created. In the absence of specific attendance rules, new teams will default to using a standard attendance rule: working days are from Monday to Friday, with attendance hours from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

You can set multiple attendance rules, with each attendance rule containing basic rule content (including attendance system, workdays and attendance hours, attendance locations, etc.), advanced settings (including Wi-Fi attendance rule settings), and holiday settings. If there are different attendance systems within the team, you can create different attendance rules (note: A person can only appear in one attendance rule).

For the settings details, please refer to Attendance Settings Section.

After configuring the attendance rules, you can further set up advanced settings for that rule. This includes options like Wi-Fi attendance restrictions, allowed attendance platforms, and permitted attendance IP addresses.

Each attendance rule set may also have their own corresponding holiday settings.

Processing Appeals Raised

Viewing Abnormal Attendances

Exporting Attendance Reports

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