7 Practice

Design a reimbursement workflow

Please follow below instruction to design a new workflow

The form should include applicant, department, application date, document number, relevant project, relevant customer, currency, total amount, total tax amount; a repeat table to support user to input multiple invoice record[Invoice date, invoice number, description, supplier, category, original currency, invoice currency, exchange rate, tax amount, total amount, attachment]

All the staff able to initial the request, after submit the request, department head should approval first, if the total amount less than 5,000SGD, then follow to finance team, else if total amount more than 5,000SGD, need division manager approval, if amount more than 20,000SGD, need VP approval, then flow to finance manager. After the process complete, requester can print the request as pdf file, please design a proper print template in word template

Create a report to analysis the expense by category, by department, by month

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