Sub Tasks

Task Details Screen:

Expand More and select Subtask > +New Subtask.

Subtask Details Screen:

In the Subtask bar, select +New Subtask icon and create a new Task. Task Name : Name of the task. (Must be entered.)

Person in Charge: Personnel assigned to be in charge for the task. (Default is the initiator.)

Due Date: Due date of current task.

Priority: (Normal / High / Urgent) If a task is mark is tagged as high priority or urgent, there will be an orange/red marker next to the due date of the task to indicate its urgency. Example:

Task Type: Category of the task.

Participants: The recipients of the task.

Progress: Progress of the task. When set as 100%, the task will be deemed as completed.

Parent Task: If a parent task is assigned to the current task, the current task will become one of the child task of the parent task.

Task Details: Enter the description of the task here.

Shared Person: Users added here will see the task under “Tasks Shared to Me”.

Start Time: The effective commence date of the task.

Attachment: Attachments related to the task can be uploaded here.

Reminder: If enabled, a reminder will send to the selected participants of the task at the set timing before the task starts.

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