Role Settings

In the "Role Settings," we can categorize system permissions and group them into different roles. Then, we can assign these roles to different employees to manage their permissions effectively.

(1) Secondary Menu for Permission Control Center (2) List of Roles currently in the system, click on the name of the role to open its details page. (3) Details Page of the selected role, the administrator is able to edit the permissions available to the selected role and add/remove people from the selected role.

Creating New Role

By clicking the "+" button on the right side of Role A, you can open a pop-up window to fill in the basic information. Once you save the information, the creation of a new sub-role under Role A will be completed.

Function Authority

By clicking on a role name and selecting the "Function Authority" tab on the right, you can view all the functional permissions available in the system, as well as the permissions currently assigned to that role.

Clicking the "Expand All" or "Collapse All" button in the upper right corner allows you to quickly expand or collapse the permission tree, making it convenient to view the specific contents of the permissions.

Use to search function if looking for a specific permission.

Note: System Admin has all the permissions, and this cannot be changed.

Role Member Settings

Here you can see the members that belong to the selected role. Click on the "+" button on the top right corner to add new members to the list.

To remove members from the selected role, tick the checkbox beside the entity's name and click on the "Batch Delete" button.

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